Our Staff

Sandra Jurec

Sandie (as she is affectionately known and prefers) started working with The Entrance Red Bus Company in May 1991.

She has held many positions and is a very valuable employee who has shown flexibility and willingness to take on any responsibility as the need arises.

In the early days of her employment Sandie was very involved with taking bookings for the Central Coast Airbus that operated between the Central Coast and Sydney Airport. Sandie eventually took over the managing of this service to ensure there were no mistakes as she understood the importance of people needing an assurance to meet flights and other important commitments.

With all Sandie’s years of expertise and experience the natural progression for her was to handle the ever growing charter booking area of Red Bus.

Sandie has a very good and close working relationship with the Central Coast schools that use our services and will make every effort to make sure that Red Bus will provide the service that the customer wants when they want it. Most of these schools have been dealing with Sandie for over 20 years.

While retaining the school charter bookings, Sandie has now also moved into assisting with Coach Bookings for those extended trips and tours. Red Bus Services are sure that if you want that extra personalised treatment and the best possible understanding of your needs and what is possible and achievable for the best prices then we suggest that you contact Sandie on 4332 8655.

If you want the best then forget the rest.

Stephen ‘Gumnuts’ O’Brien

Stephen started working with The Entrance Red Bus Company in February 2001, Steve came to us after 11 years working for NJ Phillips at Somersby as the Australasian sales representative.

Steve started driving buses as a driver, but the company soon saw the potential of advancing Stephen into office work.

Stephen introduced and implemented a road safety program aimed at teaching primary school aged children the safe way to behave when travelling in a bus and around the road while waiting to catch the bus. It was while he was running this program that the students nicknamed him gumnuts because of his hat and many of them still approach him on the street or in shopping centres to talk to him.

He advanced into the Companies School Student Transport Scheme and student behaviour area and has dealt with schools on all levels. He has also had a vast experience in the operational side or day to day operations of the bus services across our network of route services.

With the introduction of the school opal cards Stephen expressed a desire to transfer over to coach operations after having driven many to varied locations.

Stephen works very closely with our schools charters section and while Stephen is only new to coach trips and tours his vast experience with route and school buses added to his sales experience, we are hopeful that Stephen will advance us into the next level.

If you want that personal service on your next coach trip and do not want to be treated just like another number then ring and speak to Steve on 4332 8655.

If you want the best then forget the rest.